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  My name is Curt Schryver - freelance website designer. I am a firm believer in the theory that more is not necessarily better. I prefer to design sites that are clean and easy to read. Of course, I also believe that the customer is always right, so if you want a site with lots of bells and whistles, I can accommodate you.

     I offer to my customers the following four packages. All can be fully customized to meet your needs and the demands of your growing company or organization.

The Basic
This one-page website gets you and/or your business onto the Internet. Your logo with some basic information about where you are and how to contact you. We provide the hosting on our shared server. Better (and cheaper!) than a listing in the yellow pages.
The Basic includes:
  • domain name purchase
  • annual shared hosting
  • One page that includes your company logo, contact information, and location
  • The Billboard
    This is your entry-level website - a billboard on the side of the road along the Information Superhighway (The Internet). Billboard sites get the essential information about your business or organization to the web surfing public. What do you do or sell? Where are you located? What are your hours? How do we contact you? Everything that you might put into an ad in the newspaper. Of course, while a one-day ad in the paper will run you about $200, you get year-round exposure using a Billboard site.
    The Billboard includes:
  • domain name purchase
  • annual hosting
  • search engine submissions
  • Four pages: Front, About, Contact, Directions/Location (these can be modified to serve other purposes, too)
  • The Catalog
    This type of site is similar to The Billboard, where it offers information about your business. However, you will also have the ability to list various products that you sell like you might in a catalog. Sales are not performed online, but customers may phone in orders or at least know what it is that you carry and stop by the shop.
    The Catalog includes:
  • Everything in The Billboard plus...
  • administration page to update the catalog
  • FTP access to upload pictures
  • The Interactive
    The Interactive is the top of the line. Like The Catalog, you can list items for sale, but you now also have the ability to sell online. Administration screens can help you update your inventory, track orders, and even print shipping/packing lists. Payment options vary widely, but we will work with you to figure out the solution for your business.
    The Interactive includes:
  • Evertything in The Catalog plus...
  • online purchase capabilities
  • administration pages to update inventory and track orders

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